My Father Was Right

My Father Was Right

When I was a teen, I lived in my dreams, in my fantasies and beliefs; I only saw the truth, MY truth and even my reality was distorted and was MY reality.
My dad had his own view, though; and would crash my dreams all the time, by being a fucking pessimist.
I remember, once I got pissed and yelled at him. I said: “You’re a coward, a nihilist.” I said: “You understand nothing, you old fool.”
Back then, I believed I could do anything I wanted to and could be anyone I wanted…

Oh, man! Time flies…
Now, I’m a dad and I have my own view. Yeah, now I’m a pessimist or a nihilist; now I crash my son’s dreams, ‘cause now I see the reality as it is; now I know that my father was right. The world was never what I believed it to be, yeah, my father was right…

H. Abdollahi (Mike)

موضوع: دل نوشته، گزیده ی اشعار حامد عبدالهی، شعر، مطالب انگلیسی،
[ چهارشنبه 28 تیر 1396 ] [ 12:13 ب.ظ ] [ حامد عبدالهی ]


حقیقت چیزی نیست که نوشته می شود،

حقیقت چیزی است که پنهان می ماند!

(آیا تاکنون به تفاوت حقیقت و واقعیت فکر کرده اید؟)

موضوع: دل نوشته، اجتماعی،
[ شنبه 3 تیر 1396 ] [ 12:28 ب.ظ ] [ حامد عبدالهی ]